What are Umbrella Lights?
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What are Umbrella Lights?

Umbrella lights are fixtures that can be placed onto patio umbrellas. This style of outdoor lights is available for purchase in various sizes, shapes, and colors. Umbrella lights can create illuminated outdoor areas that provide shade and protection from the sun during peak hours, and heighten the ambience and increase safety when the sun sets and visibility is low.

General Overview

Patio umbrellas don’t usually come with lights installed. If you do not have an umbrella with lights, lights can be purchased and installed from any major online retailer and home store. The process of installing the lights is straightforward and relatively simple; inexperienced DIYers can get their lights up and running in just a few minutes.

First, umbrella lights are available in three different varieties. They are created as electrical units designed to plug directly into outlets, as solar umbrella lights fueled by stored sunlight, and as battery operated units. The latter style may also be powered by rechargeable or standard batteries, depending on the features of the specific unit.

Installation Methods

An umbrella light can be installed in one of three methods. To begin, pole mounted methods are probably the most functional and popular. The electrical unit is attached directly to the shaft of the umbrella, and certain variations can even rotate and adjust the direction of light as needed. Stringed umbrella lights wrap around the inner spokes of the umbrella and is connected to a power source somewhere on the pole itself. Pre-lit umbrellas already come with the necessary lighting attached, though this style is unfortunately not very customizable.

Types of Lights

The actual lights themselves are generally standard lights – such as those found in Christmas tree lights – or LED (light emitting diode) lights. Due to their small size, reliability, longevity, and efficient energy use, LED umbrella lights are extremely popular. Both LED lights and standard lights can be purchased in various different colors, the most common of which are yellows, blues, pinks, and soft whites. The illumination provided by umbrella lights are typically very soft; the goal is to set a certain mood in outdoor spaces, and this is done by emitting soft glows.

Furthermore, umbrella lights can be affixed to freestanding umbrellas or table-mounted umbrellas. When it comes to table-mounted umbrellas, the entire unit – lights, table, and umbrella – typically stays suck in that location since it is cumbersome to move around. Freestanding umbrellas are not as restrictive and can be repositioned more easily. There are several accessories available for umbrella lighting units. For instance, globes in various colors and shapes can be bought to cover the individual lights, changing the look and feel of the existing lights. This is a simple way to adjust the feel of your patio or poolside if the old setup was getting stale. There exists lighted stereo systems ready for purchase that can clamp down to the inside of an umbrella that not only illuminates, but plays music as well.

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