How to Select the Best Promotional Umbrella
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How to Select the Best Promotional Umbrella

Advertising businesses have long popularized the use of umbrellas as a promotional item. Selecting the best promotional umbrellas for your company depends on how you intend on these umbrellas to be used – as give away items for clients, or as a permanent fixture in dining tables outside. It will also be necessary to set a budget. When searching for vendors, one should meet with at least three separate vendors and ask for samples to gauge quality.

How will it be used?

The first step in choosing a promotional umbrella is to decide if you want table umbrellas or personal umbrellas. Typically, table umbrellas are bought by restaurants for use on their outdoor tables. These umbrellas could also be bought by vendor companies, their logos printed on top and used at restaurants that sell the same brands. Personal promotional umbrellas typically are ordered for use as give-away items for clients, customers, visitors, donors, etc., and their use are widespread among businesses in all industries.

Determining the Size

If you are ordering personal umbrellas, the first thing to determine is the size. Generally, personal umbrellas can be bought in three sizes. The biggest size is referred to as a golf umbrella. These massive umbrellas can comfortably provide cover against the rain and sun for two or three people. The pieces between the spines are usually different colors, making them a great choice for affirming your company colors.

Standard size umbrellas are comparable to personal umbrellas sold in most stores. They can provide cover for two people. On the other hand, a compact umbrella is designed to fold into small, easy to carry bundles that are effective at covering only one person. Compact umbrellas tend to come with some kind of pouch or cover that can be tailored to match the individual’s preferences.

Picking a Color

Once a size has been selected, the next step is to determine what color the umbrella should be and how many colors need to be used to print your logo – be sure to check with your vendor to find out the available colors. Another consideration is whether or not to print just the logo, company name, or perhaps both. A slogan or tagline can also be incorporated into the design.


Before making an order for your promotional umbrellas, it would be wise to acquire quotes from multiple vendors, checking to see that each are using the same specifications. Keep in mind that many variables, such as the size of the umbrella, quantity, and color all will affect the price. Remember to factor in shipping costs for each order and inquire about delivery times for each vendor, especially if you are stocking up for a particular event.

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