Top 6 Best Lighting Umbrellas Review
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Top 6 Best Lighting Umbrellas Review

Photography can be a highly satisfying activity to do, either recreationally or professionally. Photographers are able to capture the beauty in objects, dramatic scenes, and once-in-a-lifetime moments. As they perfect their craft, they begin to understand the importance of lighting in enhancing their photos, bringing life to what would’ve been a dull, boring shot, and using this essential technique to their advantage.

One of the top tools in a photographer’s arsenal is the lighting umbrella, which is used to tweak the look and feel of the light. Lighting umbrellas can be purchased from local photography stores or through online vendors. However, prior to purchasing, buyers should determine the color, size, and other features that their umbrella should have to best fit their photography needs.

1. Limostudio Photography Photo Studio Lighting Kit

The Limostudio Photography Kit comes with two 33” umbrellas to improve lighting conditions. One umbrella is black and silver, which acts as a reflector to modulate the lighting. The other sports a white interior for dispersing light.

Both umbrellas are constructed using high-grade nylon, which has great longevity and is effective with constant lighting and strobe lighting. The lighting kit also includes protectors, light stands, muslin backdrops, clamps, as well as many other useful accessories.

2. LimoStudio AGG103

For those looking to purchase a new set of lighting umbrellas, they ought to consider the LimoStudio 3 model AGG103. This lighting kit provides photographers an easy and quick solution that can be easily carried and set up at sites within minutes. In some cases, photographers might need additional light sources.

However, the accent lights, light holders, high output lights, and umbrellas included within this kit is more than enough to provide photographers multiple options to work with for a variety of shoots. The kit also comes included with two 33” white reflectors, and all of this can fit neatly into a compact carrying bag.

3. ePhoto U302D

This kit is priced excellently, especially given how much value it provides. For starters, it comes with a pair of 33” black and silver umbrellas and a pair of 33” black and white umbrellas. These tools can definitely be put to great use by experienced hobbyists or even semi-professionals who are searching for a wide range of setup combinations for any possible shot they want.

Included in the kit are a pair of 7-foot light stands, a pair of flash shoe brackets, and one carrying case. Of course, it should go without saying that all equipment included in this kit were constructed from durable materials that will withstand rigorous use.

4. CowboyStudio 33” B/S UMB

CowboyStudio is regarded as a trusted brand among photographers. One of their most popular and well-reviewed lighting umbrellas for photography is the 33” black and silver umbrella. The silver surface reflects light, illuminating the subject even further so photographers can adjust and play with their lighting.

The top of the umbrella is black, which negates light from external sources. Since this kit is relatively compact, the device is convenient to carry around. The umbrella is available in a range of sizes, with 33” being the smallest and subsequently most portable. When retracted, the umbrella is only 23” long.

5. CowboyStudio B/W UMB

Yet another Cowboy Studio lighting umbrella that is recommended by photographers is the 43” black and white umbrella. The white interior of the umbrella reflects light differently than how silver lining does. Rather than a bright, focused light, it relaxes the illumination caused by any strobe lighting or flash on set.

The 43” umbrella assists in reducing unwanted shadows. Much like the silver version of this umbrella, the black outer layer stops light from entering and ruining the lighting. Though this version is much larger, it can fold up just as easily as the 33” model.

6. Westcott 2011

The Westcott 2011 Lighting Umbrella comes with a unique feature, which is a removable cover that users can use or remove, depending on their specific purpose. With the dark cover on top, the umbrella will reflect more light. Without it, it absorbs and disperses light. A carrying case and telescopic metal shafts come included with the umbrella, which stretches 43” in diameter when opened, and 14.5” in length when closed.

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