How to Select the Best Beach Chair and Umbrella Combo
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How to Select the Best Beach Chair and Umbrella Combo

What’s better than just a beach chair? A beach chair with an umbrella! This useful combo can provide you with both shade and comfort. When shopping for beach gear, consider both of these choices the next time you go shopping. When checking for comfortable chairs, make sure to find one that is both relaxing and easy to sit down and get up from. Check for sturdiness so that it will not collapse on you. Open and unfold the umbrella to see how smooth it is and if it provides enough shade to cover the chair as well.

The Chair

Certain beach chairs are designed to be low to the ground, while others are higher. The style of chair you want should depend on how you intend on using it for: reading, napping, perhaps simply to relax. Some chairs can be inclined with a lever on the side if you wish to do so. Test out various chairs and adjust them to your liking to determine how smooth the process was. In this way, you can weed out the ones that are cumbersome to use.

Find out how the umbrella and beach chair are constructed. If you plan on carrying this setup by hand from location to location, it can be cumbersome unless the chair and umbrella are detachable from one another. Ensure that the umbrella fits tightly into the chair’s holding place, and that both units can reliably fold and unfold.

The Umbrella

Select an umbrella that is large enough to provide shade to your head and shoulders as you lounge on the chair. Sit in a sunny spot and fully extend the umbrella to determine if it provides sufficient shade. Circle around the beach chair and umbrella and be on the search for shadows, so that you can see just how much shade it really provides.

Choose an umbrella and beach chair that is heat resistant to the sun’s rays. Wood and canvas are excellent choices since these materials do not store up a large amount of heat, like metal does. As such, stay far away from dark chairs (dark colors absorb sunlight more than other colors) and ones with an excessive amount of metal since these units will likely heat up if out in the sun for too long. Units with reflective coverings might also attract plenty of sunlight, rendering them unusable in direct sunlight.

Where To Purchase Beach Chair and Umbrella Combo?

Typically, outdoor recreation outlets, home improvement stores, and swimming pool retailers will carry a beach chair and umbrella setup. The variations in chairs available means there are many options over a spectrum of price ranges, colors, and styles. This should make it possible for you to find the most suitable beach chair that will fit your budget and tastes.

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