What is a WindBrella?
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What is a WindBrella?

Have you ever had trouble with umbrellas turning inside out on a windy day? The WindBrella is an umbrella designed specifically to resist this problem, which frequently happens to many umbrellas in strong wind. The WindBrella Corporation is a company that manufactures umbrellas mostly in the United Kingdom and the United States for use in many situations. For instance, their double canopy model helps make it resistant to inverting. It is also made from sturdy, durable components to make it last longer than other umbrellas.

Wind Resistant

Strong winds have been the bane of many umbrellas for a long time. This is due to the design of an umbrella prioritizing protection of the person beneath from rain. As a result, the large canopy of a spacious umbrella can double as a sail which tends to blow inside out. This problem is most evident in strong weather, or if the materials used in construction are of low quality. A WindBrella attempts to remedy this issue with its use of high quality materials.

The primary feature of the WindBrella is its double canopy. A bottom canopy constructed from mesh with a reinforced middle section lets wind pass through the umbrella, rather than fight against it. The mesh reduces the force of the wind so that when it reaches the upper canopy, it deflects rather than push its way through. The design of this umbrella also features durable yet flexible ribs as well as an ergonomic handle for easy gripping.

Protection from UV Rays

The regular WindBrella design is quite large, providing space for as much as two people to use comfortably. The company also makes patio umbrellas in addition to UV resistant umbrellas which are specially treated to guard against the sun’s harsh UV rays. Even on a windy day, UV rays are still present, and UV resistant umbrellas are still needed to shade one from them. The WindBrella, like other luxury brands, is a bit on the pricier side compared to a standard umbrella or parasol. It is up to buyers to decide if the price justifies the extra features.

On rainy and windy days, it is extremely frustrating to have an umbrella flip inside out, practically guaranteeing that you will be drenched before you can flip it back. This can be a difficult task if you are carrying a briefcase or purse, and if you are holding papers in your hands, they are as good as ruined. A different but also important topic is protection from UV rays that can eventually cause skin cancer. A WindBrella was designed to defend the user from both of these situations, and is no doubt useful if you can justify the premium price.

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