What is a Patio Canopy?
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What is a Patio Canopy?

A patio canopy extends over a patio, enveloping it and providing users protection from the sun, rain, snow and other such elements. There are an assortment of styles of patio canopies that you can choose from with a variety of decorative elements. You can find them at hardware stores or home supply stores. They are also a great resource to ask employees about any questions you might have. You can also order highly customized versions from certain companies that cater to individual’s patio furnishing and accessory needs.

Shade Umbrellas

The most basic form of a patio canopy is the ever popular shade umbrella which can be mounted on a stand or a table to provide protection from the elements as well as some relaxing shade. A major selling point of the shade umbrella is how easily it can be collapsed and moved around, making it desirable for environments where people might wish to have a mix of exposure to and shelter from sunlight. A traditional material for patio umbrellas is canvas, and it can be specially treated to resist the elements so that it can tough out the rainy seasons.

Roll-out Shades

One can also purchase roll-out shades which connect to a structure and can also attach to a pole. These shades can simply be let down when shade is desired, and folded back up when it is not. Roll-out shades can be ordered in many sizes and shapes, from thinly layered ones which provide little shade, to full on canopies that can blot out the sun from the entire patio. During the winter, the shade can be retracted into a protective bundle which can prevent it from being damaged by the elements.

Portable Canopies

Portable patio canopies attached to poles are also an option. These are beneficial for terraces and patios which are not exactly adjacent to a house, and they can be folded up and transferred to another area to provide shade in a new location of the lawn or wherever one might need it. Traditionally, the poles are set up on study bases, but they can also be firmly planted into the ground as a permanent fixture. One can still uninstall the canopy to keep it safe during storms or other harsh weather, and reinstall it when necessary.

Permanent Canopies

Permanent patio canopies which are connected to frameworks that extend above the patio are another type of patio canopy. These are most commonly found at cafes and restaurants that provide outdoor seating, since retractable or movable canopies can be stolen or damaged (these are more suited for home use). This style of canopy offers protection year round while letting breezes flow underneath it. It may only partially cover the patio so that people have the option of sitting beneath it or under full exposure if they wish.

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